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Hobnobbing (Clever Titles Are Hard!)

Hobnob Kitchen and Bar

720 5th Ave S Ste 101, Naples, FL

Reposted from October 21, 2021

Last night some friends, our children and I went to an early dinner at HobNob Kitchen & Bar. This is a place that I've only been to once since moving here and only one other time since I've been coming here in the last 11 years. That one time however is when I met a dear friend's now wife for the first time (who was secretly pregnant and cleverly passing her tequila and soda to her partner because it wasn't time to announce the soon-to-be tyke) so it holds a special place in my heart.

I've noticed lately that it's pretty easy to get a table there these days, which is a bummer, but hopefully season picks things up.

Btw, sidenote of traffic: I know that going from 41 to 5th is already a nightmare and it's October. Scared to see what the official start of seasons brings. Anyone thinking that eventually 5th becomes walking only (Ed. Note in Arrested Development voiceover: Traffic is indeed a nightmare)?

Anyway, back to the food..and drinks (you don't think I write these sober, do you?) My martini (Hendrick's up with a twist) was spot on, filled to the rim and very very delicious. We weren't feeling too adventurous so we kept it simple on the apps with the Hobnob chips and the grilled artichoke (I pushed for the octopus with white bean because white bean anything is delicious but I was denied). The chips were tasty, basic bacon and blue cheese chips. The artichoke never came, but we didn't miss it much. If anyone has seen my artichoke, please tell it I miss it and to come home.

My main was the heavily recommended seabass which has a Thai coconut thing going on with what I vaguely recall to be a green curry drizzle. Considering the dearth of good Thai in Naples, the flavors were spot on. One of the better non-grouper pieces of fish I've had in town. I also highly recommend the garlickly spinach as a side because garlic is delicious and keeps away all those pesky vampires and spinach is a superfood, which keeps away...supermen?

The kids wanted ice cream after and I give HobNob big points for convincing my daughter that even though Regina's was a full block away from Kilwin's across the street to go there because we should support local businesses. I'm not sure my seven year old understands that concept, but ice cream was had and enjoyed by all.

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