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Born in the suburbs of NY where pizza and Chinese reign supreme. Educated in Manhattan where the world of food opened up all flavors imaginable.  Became an adult in Los Angeles, home of the best sushi and Thai this side of the Far East.  Now living in Southwest Florida looking for deliciousness behind every palm tree and golf course.

I am not a foodie but I like food, all kinds of food.  Good for you food, bad for you food, fancy food, bar food. Delicious food. I like to eat good food in classy joints and down and dirty dives (provided you get a good rating from the health inspector) as long as it's tasty.  I will try anything if you tell me it's the best thing on the menu.  Nothing is better for any kind of relationship more than a delicious meal with an appropriate beverage to go alongside. 

In our fractured times, let's all join together, one nation over a meal.


Deliciousness Unites,

Mr. Bites

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