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Occasional Deliciousness

Deliciousness for February 16, 2022

Welcome to the second installment in a still brand spankin' new feature here in the mighty Smaller Bites where we'll be featuring random somewhat uncommon foods that we think are particularly delicious and that we ALWAYS order if they are on the menu (or try to convince our dining companions to share)...and remember, we are not foodies, we just love to eat.

Dish: Brandade


Ethnic Origin: French

What Is It:  We continue on our path that fishiness can equal deliciousness with a dish of whipped potatoes, salt cod and cheese.  For those of you who think French food is just snails and pretense you would be wrong.  This is stick to the ribs, salt of the earth, down and dirty peasant food and it's fantastic.  Think of it like French Shepherd's Pie, but WAY better.

It Tastes Like:  Potatoes Au Gratin with fish, but like REALLY REALLY GOOD. Goes amazingly well with wine and all the other French fixin's..but don't order that $150 dollar Bordeaux with this, go simple and southern regional with this one.

Best We've Ever Had: La Pere Pinard on the Lower East Side of Manhattan around Y2K.  Sadly, it is closed now but a lot of the knowledge Mr. Bites has of food and drink comes from many meals with old, seasoned music guys at this spot.  Usually these meals were followed or preceded by pinball at Max Fish, or a show at Luna Lounge or Arlene Grocery, or drinks at Motor City, Kush or the Orchard Bar (IYKYK)

Where To Get It Local: We can't find it yet, but I'm sure there's some French chef out there in Naples and SWFL-Land just itching to whip up his grandma's recipe she brought to the big city from the French countryside. Make it happen and I'm all yours.

Brandade French Food

Deliciousness for February 8, 2022


Dish: Taramasalata

Ethnic Origin: Greek

What Is It:  It's a cured fish roe, usually carp of cod that's whipped into a spread with olive oil, lemon juice and sometimes garlic (It should be garlic because garlic is very delicious). 

It Tastes Like:  Think of it like cream cheese and lox spread but a little less salty, a little less fishy, no dairy and you put it on a pita instead of a bagel (though I imagine it's probably very delicious on a bagel because I would spread this on a size 12 Chuck Taylor and it would still be delicious).

Best We've Ever Had: Delphi Greek in West Los Angeles  Great lunch place where as soon as it hit 2pm and the lunch rush was over, the 75 year old corpulent owner would strip down to his white tank top and sit in a chair waiting for everyone to finish. When the tank top came out, it was time to go.

Where To Get It Local: To Spiti - No website (they should get a website).  They fly it in from Greece and it goes REALLY well with their fresh pita

Taramasalata Greek
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