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SWFL Restaurant Power Rankings

Our rankings are based on quality of the food, the overall dining experience,  originality compared to others in their cuisine and how much coffee we've had that day. 

Updated 12/20/23

1. Le Colonial: The newest kid on the block proves to be a visual and epicurean stunner.  The bar has been raised.

2. Ichi Togarashi: Last year's game changer is packed nightly serving up the best of the Asian streets.

3. The Bohemian: The menu is all over the place but overall it's delicious.  Creative, quirky but comfortable.  Yerm. 

4. Namba: Far and away the best sushi in town; you have to travel far and away to find any better fish.

5. Osteria/Bar Tulia (Downtown): When you have a veggie pizza named, you're already playing chess in a checkers world.  When your vongole with pesto becomes King Clam, you make the list. 

6. Low Brow Pizza and Beer:  Even if the shitty beer list doesn't make you chuckle, their smoked wings will make you drool. 

7. D'amico's The Continental: Our favorite outdoor dining with our favorite burger and fois gras in town.  I just wish the clientele were better dancers.

8. Sails: Their $99 all you can eat brunch may be the least obvious best bargain you've ever tasted.  The service will make you think you're far more important than you really are.

9. The Rooster: Best biscuits this side of a southern chicken fry and the bennies are heaven...and eat the grits, don't kiss 'em.

10. Nosh on Naples Bay: Todd Johnson's American eclectic rounds out the list as much for Todd's joy of culinary creation as it is for the taste.  Food is love.

Bubbling under: The Warren, Bicyclette Cookshop, Old Vines, Limon

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