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Drinking Freely At The Speakeasy

The Vine Room

465 Fifth Ave South, Naples, FL

Reposted from January 13, 2022

Today's review is about The Vine Room, the brand spanking new spot on 5th. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Really lovely decor. . Talked to the owner who is the son of McCabe, the former restaurateur in town, and his goal was to make it look like the classic great bars of places like Paris, New York, Monte Carlo, etc. For me, it looked like the best bar/restaurant in a midwestern city. I mean this in a classic homey but fancy kind of way. Think Indianapolis near Market Square, or Chicago downtown type of place. High blue velvet banks, etc.

  2. My favorite thing is that no one is allowed to stand. If they don't have room to seat you, they ain't got room to serve you. Huge fan.

  3. They are definitely aiming for upscale clientele as the wine list has a pretty vast selection, especially if you're looking for that $3635 Barolo you've been craving. They do have some wines by the glass I've never seen by the glass (like Silver Oak), but definitely bring your gold card to this spot. In case you want to bring your own, the corkage fee is $100. I was tempted to ask if I could buy a Syrah on layaway. They are also known for a very creative cocktail service. Not really my thing as about as adventurous as I get is a Hendrix martini up with a twist, but good for those mixology fans out there.

  4. Speaking of clientele (warning, trigger alert), if you ever want play everyone's favorite people-spotting game "Eastern European or Professional?" this is a great spot to do that.

  5. They have a very small kitchen so it's really only 5-6 things. Me and my comrades tried the Kobe sliders, which are pretty tasty but the lobster roll was great. Buttery, toasty, lobstery. Good size for a nibble all around, but probably not the place to go for a full dinner.

All in all, it's a gorgeous spot, very comfortable place to catch up with friends, go out for a drink before dinner at date night, or perhaps a late night last call.

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