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Now THAT's a Sammich

485 Degrees

7785 Davis BLVD . Unit 105

Reposted from September 10, 2021

Stopped in here after my kiddo's school night because I heard folks raving.

My thoughts:

I walked in and was greeted by a friendly man in a long beard and a giant chalkboard menu. Chalkboard menus are always a good thing, especially if they have chalk erasure on them. Shows that they are moving the menu around.

After trying to figure out what I wanted, I asked said friendly man (whom I later learned was named Z. Not Zed, Not Zebulon, Just Z. Like F. Scott Fitzgerald) what I should have. After thinking about it he suggested the Porchetta.

Now for me Porchetta is something that I love conceptually but never lives up to what I want it to be. I feel the same way about braised short rib. But because I have a rule that unless they suggest cooked salmon or scallops I will always take the chef's suggestion, I ordered it to go, which is usually not the best way to have a hot sandwich, and add to that when I got home before I could eat the sandwich, I had to pick up dog vomit AND dog poop; not exactly the daily double at Belmont.

Ok, so for you portion police, I opened up the container and was greeted with a mound of fries and onion rings. I don't care much about portions and sometimes think we as Americans go a bit too far, but no one was going to finish this and stay hungry.

Now to the main attraction: It...was...fantastic. The pork was crispy, had great texture, savory, the square roll whose name escapes me now was fresh and held the sandwich together (ok, i cheated and looked it was on a Ciabatta) I'm not one for a sandwich that falls apart so this solid construction pleased me. It comes with this extra green dressing, which is zesty and tangy (my two favorite flavors!) You give me zesty AND tangy AND crispy/crunchy, I'm sold.

In summary, I would have given this a good review regardless because while I was waiting for my sammy, Z and I talked food and it was a lovely conversation. This ain't no ordinary sandwich jockey. The guy is passionate about what he does and it shows. He told me next time I come in I shoulder order the kitchen sink and he'll make me whatever he feels like. That is SO on.

THIS is what Naples needs. More local businesses showing true creativity, even in the limited medium that is the sandwich.

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