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Occasional Deliciousness: Taramasalata

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Dish: Taramasalata

Ethnic Origin: Greek

What Is It: It's a cured fish roe, usually carp of cod that's whipped into a spread with olive oil, lemon juice and sometimes garlic (It should be garlic because garlic is very delicious).

It Tastes Like: Think of it like cream cheese and lox spread but a little less salty, a little less fishy, no dairy and you put it on a pita instead of a bagel (though I imagine it's probably very delicious on a bagel because I would spread this on a size 12 Chuck Taylor and it would still be delicious).

Best We've Ever Had: Delphi Greek in West Los Angeles Great lunch place where as soon as it hit 2pm and the lunch rush was over, the 75 year old corpulent owner would strip down to his white tank top and sit in a chair waiting for everyone to finish. When the tank top came out, it was time to go.

Where To Get It Local: To Spiti - No website (they should get a website). They fly it in from Greece and it goes REALLY well with their fresh pita

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