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Prime Time

Ocean Prime

699 5th Ave S, Naples, FL

Reposted from October 3, 2021

So..there's been some discontent on this forum (SHOCKER!) about chain vs. non-chain restaurants, etc. Now while I tend to avoid chains, I found myself wanting to do some people watching, so I grabbed a buddy and headed out to Ocean Prime where I had had a good nightcap cocktail. We walked in about 6 on a Friday night and it was a madhouse of recently retired, like a Boomer meat market. To coin a phrase it was a lot of old boobs looking at new boobs.

We put our name in and went to Hob Nob for a drink while we waited since there were no seats at the bar. We came back at 7 30 and it was a totally different crowd. It was the Benjamin Button of meat markets as the average age had dropped about 20 years.

Anyway, we sat at a bar booth, popped on the tragically ended Yankee game and ordered. We had the deviled eggs, which are usually good anywhere and I had the Grouper broth type thing on lobster and gnocchi. I figured even though this was a chain, you rarely see grouper outside of Florida, so that's a big plus with the local menu options. And it was terrific, sort of like a kinder gentler bouillabaisse and the lobster was kept subtle instead of overpowering.

All in all if you can deal with the BOGO botox that comes in and out, the food is far better than it has to be and you certainly won't be bored looking around at the chaos of divorcees of both genders milling about.

Edit: Cat was an amazing server btw.

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