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Blind Item Thursday!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Friends in food,

One of the main tenets of this food babble is that Smaller Bites will only share something negative about an establishment if we can balance it with something positive. If even one person reads our word salad and decides to not spend their money at a local business, that's hurting a local business and is not our goal. Like every rule, there are exceptions i.e. bad people in ownership, gross negligence, etc.

That being said, there are certain places that are so hyped or so beloved, yet it baffles us as to why?

Did they hire a social media firm? Is it their politics? Do they sell drugs in the back? Who knows, but Blind Item Thursday is now dedicated to sharing our thoughts about about places, without naming them, that, like the guy in the park talking to himself about the government implanting chips in our brains, we generally suggest avoiding.

  • This eponymously named North Naples Italian joint has decent enough sauce but the Carbonara resembled Chicken Pot Pie. I like Chicken Pot Pie, but not when I want the luscious rich silkiness of a great Carbonara.

  • This downtown 5th Avenue South spot is beloved by so many, but I'm completely baffled as to its continued popularity. They screwed up chicken parm and made it flat and flavorless (thanks, Fat Tony). Boogs tried their arancini, a personal favorite of hers, and reported, and we confirmed, that it tasted like moist wood chips.

  • This downtown Asian fusion joint has no concept of actual fusion and covers their sushi in a sauce thicker than Nonna's Sunday gravy. In one of the best locations in Naples, it should be the last place people see when they come to town, not the first.

  • Boiling ribs is not a thing if you make championship ribs, as this BBQ place suggests it does. Here's a hint, if you're offering two-fer coupons on smoked meat, maybe you should improve your food, not cut the cost. People in Naples will pay for good food, so make your food good.

  • The Cheesecake Factory

If you would like to guess about any of these places, or suggest others that need to be in this list, feel free to write in the comments, or contact us directly...and remember...


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