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Server of the Week: Cat D. of Ocean Prime

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

It's been a trying couple of years for all of us, but even harder on those who make those nights out that much better. This segment will highlight some of the best who bring us our food, serve our drinks and whose dinner suggestions should always be taken (ed. note: unless its salmon or scallops).

Name: Cat D.

Serves at: Ocean Prime on 5th Ave S.

Hometown: Huntington Beach, California

In Naples for: Thirteen Years

Ocean Prime's Most Popular Dish: Chilean Seabass

Cat's Favorite Ocean Prime Dish: Pork Chop with a side of Bacon Creamed Spinach

Patron Red Flag: Bringing in more than one bottle of their own wine. One bottle is bad enough, but two is just rude.

Patron Pet Peeve: When they arrive at closing time for "one" drink, enjoy that drink, pay the tab and then sit at the table chitchatting for an additional half-hour or more past closing time and are the last guests in the restaurant. Servers cannot go home until their guests leave the building.

Weirdest Experience: On more than one occasion, I've had guests ask me where they could "score some weed or coke" as if being a server means you do drugs or know where to get them. I just laugh at the person.

Entrance Theme Song: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper

If you or anyone you know wants to be featured, please email and we will reach out, or just fill out the above survey and mail back with a picture and we'll put you in the queue (that's a fancy British term for "line").

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