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Server of the Week: Chad S. of Nosh on Naples Bay

It's been a trying couple of years for all of us, but even harder on those who make those nights out that much better. This segment will highlight some of the best who bring our food, serve our drinks and whose dinner suggestions should always be taken (ed. note: unless it's cooked non-smoked salmon or scallops).

Quick note that I will be doing a posting on Nosh coming up at some point this week.

Name: Chad Smith

Serves at: Nosh on Naples Bay Hometown: San Diego, CA In Naples for: 4 months

Nosh’s Most Popular Dish: Butterfish. The Pacific Sablefish (Black Cod) used in the dish is to die for. Chad’s Favorite Nosh Dish: Dry Aged Jurgielewicz Duck ‘Cooked 2 ways.’ Crispy skinned breast and confit leg with a sweet potato puree and cherry duck jus. YES. Patron Red Flag: When a party/couple is not pleased with each other that day/fighting amongst each other. I’ll see if I can work some magic and lighten the night up. Patron Pet Peeve: I decided to not have pet peeves because having a pet peeve is only creating a negative experience for myself. Choosing to serve I knew coming in I’d experience all sorts of requests and people. Not saying I don’t have any buttons ever pressed inside, but I utilize these inner moments as growth moments in my spiritual evolution. Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements helped me very well with this. One of the four agreements, Take Nothing Personal. Weirdest Experience: I’m weird, so if I have tables that embrace being weird, we may take it to weird land. Of course I keep it proper too. Each table is its own experience. I can’t identify a weirdest moment, I’m just grateful for it all. Table Walk Up/Entrance Theme Song: Rufus Du Sol - Brighter

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