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Server of the Week!: Melissa T. of Real Seafood Co.

It's been a trying couple of years for all of us, but even harder on those who make those nights out that much better. This segment will highlight some of the best who bring our food, serve our drinks and whose dinner suggestions should always be taken (ed. note: unless its cooked non-smoked salmon or scallops).

Name: Melissa T.

Serves at: Real Seafood Company

Hometown: Woonsocket, Rhode Island

In Naples for: Four Years

Real Seafood Co.'s Most Popular Dish: Parmesan-crusted sole.

Melissa's Favorite Real Seafood Dish: Smoked salmon and lump blue crab tower

Patron Red Flag: Creating a variation of a drink then sending it back when it's "not made correctly"

Patron Pet Peeve: Putting the server in an uncomfortable position when fighting over who is paying the check and saying "I'm the better tipper, pick me."

Weirdest Experience: Not specific, but I find it weird when guests ask very personal questions of their server, about their relationship status, marriage, future plans, if they are "just a server or have another career."

Table Walk Up/Entrance Theme Song: "Natural Disaster" - Zac Brown Band

If you or anyone you know wants to be featured, please email and we will reach out, or just fill out the above survey and mail back with a picture and we'll put you in the queue (that's a fancy British term for "line").

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